omg. Rainbow 6 Lockdown shipped and I completely forgot.

omg. Rainbow 6 Lockdown shipped to the stores this week and I completely forgot.

It is now Sept 11. My birthday as it, I wonder,...what I'm getting today...? 🙂

My gamertag is:  'alex101'

Kill me.


Btw, Major Nelson publishes weekly the 25 most popular games on Xbox Live based on users logged on.  This last week Lockdown made 4.

"1 Halo 2

2 Madden NFL 2006

3 Ghost Recon 2: Summit Strike

4 Rainbow
Six 4: Lockdown

5 Rainbow Six: Black Arrow"

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  1. Phil says:

    Let me know how it is. I’ve played Black Arrow and I’m playing the original R6-3 at the moment.

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