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I'll refrain from cluttering this blog with my inane cricket posts.  I'll use this one instead, (RSS here).

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  1. Bill Higgins says:

    I was driving the other day and listening to the BBC news. Suddenly a sports announcer went on this five minute monologue about England vs. Australia in cricket, and he may as well have been speaking Greek because I didn’t understand a word he was saying. I seem to remember him mentioning that the score was something like 537 to 329. How the hell does the score get that high?

    I can now appreciate how non-Americans must feel when they hear someone describe the outcome, or worse the rules, of American football.

    Ex. "The pass is ruled incomplete because the offensive lineman was not lined up as a receiver and therefore was ineligible to receive the pass. Seattle will be assessed a five yard penalty and repeat first down."

  2. MSDNArchive says:

    Hey Bill.

    What can I say. It’s like baseball – innings, batters, catchers and runs.

    One data-point for you. A game can last five full days (10:30am to 6:30pm) and end in a draw. It is an acquired taste. 😉

  3. Bill Higgins says:

    Five full days? That makes golf seem like bungee jumping!

  4. Yes. They invented a version of the game that lasts 50 Overs a side so the game goes for just one day and there is always a result (although the result every so often can be a tie).

    Trust the English to think this was still to long and they have invented a game that goes for 20 Overs!


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