Extending IE

Eric Law over at the IE blog shares his interest and resouces for extending IE.

"IE provides a number of mechanisms that permit software developers to extend the browser in powerful ways.  You can add:

  1. Toolbar buttons
  2. Tools menu items
  3. Context menu items
  4. Toolbars
  5. Download managers
  6. Pluggable transfer protocols"

Comments (3)

  1. mavarick83 says:

    Hi Alex,

    As we can see the IE provides a number of mechanisms that permit software developers to extend the browser in powerful ways.

    I have tried extending Context Menu on Desktop environment. i.e. I added my own context menu item in existeing IE context menu to achieve some functionality. The functinality is to show the selected text in a dialog box when my context menu item is invoked.

    Now, I want to implement the same functionality on Windows CE powered Pocket PC 2003. I am following the same approach as that followed for the desktop. But the implementation is not successful. When I set DelayLoad=0, the Context menu extension is not at all seen.   And when I set DelayLoad=1, the context menu extension is seen but when my newly added menu item is invoked nothing happens even if the text is selected.

    I am using an ATL DLL for with a class implementing IContextMenu and following the same registry settings.

    Can you please let me know your thoughts on the approach to be followed to achieve the functionality in Pcoket PC 2003 IE?

    Many Thanks,

    Abhijit Vinchurkar

  2. MSDNArchive says:

    Abhijit, I can’t help you here, I suggest you try the follwing newsgroup:


    web view here:


  3. Eugene says:

    Still a work in progress but interms of extension for IE you should check : http://www.core-services.fr/inline-search/ … I know it is a shameless plug but it is free and for IE user it is very cool 😉

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