out of beta…feedback coming in… blog spills the beans...

"primarily driven by your feedback, here are some of the highlights:

  • feed read/unread support
  • more/fewer headlines
  • auto-refresh for feeds
  • many improvemens on:

    • look and feel
    • feed subscriptions
    • default experience
    • sidebar behavior

  • as we as many bug fixes"
Plenty of feedback coming in already...

Rich Zaide likes it,
although he still has his gripes...Rich, tell the team what gripes you!:

"I just imported my 200+ feed OPML in about two seconds and started dragging, expanding and rearranging my front page with my feeds of choice. You can add columns, increase/decrease headlines, even save searches that you want to keep around and maintain. Side by side with Google’s & Yahoo’s personalized portal pages, this bad boy destroys them."
(Grr...Technorati is playing up again, I wouldn't mind but it hurts when you're trying to fish for early feedback on blogs, Technorati is great when it works!).  Oh well, there's always Icerocket...)


Venkat Narayanan, who works on the MSN team:

"Have spent most of the day today reading and replying to customer feedback. You know, we have the best users ever. We get detailed bug reports, with repro steps, specs for modules and everything in between. We just enjoy reading all of this feedback. It makes us want to do more. So keep your feedback coming to startfb-at-microsoft-dot-com.

I am resposible for testing I will be writing more about what kind of testing we do and how we approach it. Testing a Ajax style website is new for me as well, so i will be learning as i go along. If you guys have found shortcuts and tricks please do share them with me."

Sanaz Ahari, also working in the team:

" thing i'm really proud of, is our new on hover sidebar behavior and it's interaction with other modules. try pinning 'add content' doing a search and clicking on subscribe 🙂 it's pretty cool. we also spent hours, polishing things to ensure everything lined up, huge thanks to steve. not only is he a super star dev, he also has a designer's eye and attention to detail...  the rest of the team, noor, george and venkat did a really kick ass job too - we've all been pulling late nights for the last 3 days, all working in steve's office 🙂 - it's a great bonding experience for the newly expanded team of 6.

i'm really proud of our latest rev, and hope you like it too. send feedback, comment or email: i personally read all the feedback -  in fact i value our customer feedback so much it take precendence over the rest of my emails :)"

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