My Blogday

2 mins to 12:00am, Aug 31. Just made Blogday.

So without further ado and breaking all the rules, I recommend
the following 11 (not 5) blogs to you that are unlikely to be already in your opml:

Four Microsofties not as famous as Scoble::


Comments (4)

  1. troy young says:

    thanks for the shout out Alex. Appreciate it.

  2. Bill Higgins says:

    Also thanks from me.

    PS – I actually currently work for "Global Services", not "Global" but I’m moving to Software Group anway so it’s a moot point 🙂

  3. WinFS Team says:

    I’ll add my thanks to the list. I must confess that I wasn’t even paying attention to blog day. I had seen it mentioned, but didn’t know what it was about until I saw people posting links to other sites.

    Now that you’ve included me on the list, I feel guilty that I didn’t participate.

    And WinFS? Probably. Maybe. I’ve been helping the folks behind the scenes who have been putting the WinFS team blog together at

    These first posts are a little bit awkward, but they haven’t blogged before and I think they’re doing a good job getting into the swing of things.

  4. Bill Higgins says:

    Most first posts are awkward 🙂

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