MSN Phishing Filter released

Inside Microsoft tells of news that MSNs Phishing Filter add-in is available for download for US only see update below.

The filter requires MSN Search Toolbar with Windows Desktop Search and Microsoft Windows XP SP2, IE 6 or later

Microsoft Monitor has some advice for Microsoft:

"I would watch for MSN's activities to foreshadow capabilities Microsoft would later add to Windows. MSN offered pop-up blocking before it appeared, with Windows XP Service Pack 2, in Internet Explorer 6. MSN released desktop search well ahead of the more unified search coming in Windows Vista. MSN has now made available anti-phishing capabilities before the release of Internet Explorer 7. And so on.

My advice to Microsoft: Do woo developers and content partners with a MSN search platform but also make a path for them to go to Windows Vista. Any true search platform should come off the operating system, particularly when the new WinFS file system eventually ships."

More MSN Add-ins.

Update i: seems this is meant for US users only...I caught this on ZDNet UK:

"However, the Microsoft Phishing Filter beta has only been made available to Internet users based in the US. A Microsoft UK spokeswoman said on Wednesday that the company will "introduce the technology in additional markets over the coming year"."

Update ii: Rob Franco introduces the Phising Filter at the IE blog

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