Cricket update: my condolences to the Aussies

Thankfully, we scraped through, 2-1 in Ashes - the greatest contest in cricket - with one to play.

If we hadn't won, I think I would have joined the local Flying Spaghetti Monsterism movement and start worshiping the noodles.

Like Thurya and Adam and other English bloggers, I'm elated.

The King of Spain hits the winning runs (er I meant this one).

My condolences to pineapple_head and Frank (congrats on the shirt!). In particular, I'd like to say hard luck to Philip the Aussie and fellow 'softie, who has the displeasure of hosting me at a BBQ next weekend.

More England reaction

Australian reaction 🙂

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  1. Sheeshers says:

    <P>My heartiest congratulations to you. I belong to another cricket playing country – India. Our cricketing rivalry with Pakistan pretty much falls along the same historic lines as yours with England although your rivalry goes way way back.&nbsp; Congratulations once more on humbling the Aussies…They really really need it. </P>

  2. balajik says:

    Well, the aussies are struggling. They just haven’t played up to their potential. Either that or they are going downhill. They played way better and lost to India in that epic series in 2001! Seeing how they are struggling against the english now, i suspect that they’ve no chance against the Rest of the world XI(ROW) in the super series in october! I mean if only 2 english players are good enough to play for the ROW and the current aussie team are struggling against them, what are their chances against the mighty ROW! I mean look at those names! Just to mention 2 names…players like sachin and lara reserve their best for the aussies! If these players get going, it would be absolute mayhem! I’m not spoiling the english party but i still think that the aussies can retain the ashes! There is a 10-day break and if Mcgrath could be fit for the oval test…anything could happen. It isn’t over till the fat lady sings!

  3. MSDNArchive says:

    Fat ladies, and singing, yes. One more match to decide, i can’t wait!

  4. What a great game (even though we lost). Was up to 3:30am ish ( Just couldn’t bring myself to go to bed (the reason on my second bottle of Caffine filled Soft Drink)!

    The good thing is that as badly as we have played (or more to the point, as bad as you have made us play) your 2 wins have been by 2 runs and 3 wickets respectively.

    Plus I am not sure which would be more satifying, beating the POMs 5-0 or winning the last test to make it 2-2 and keep the famous URN yet again. I would image it would be pretty heart breaking if we did.

    Anyway, at least you can’t beat us in Soccer (! (hehe)


  5. MSDNArchive says:

    hey Molly, i didn’t realise you were Aussie!

    2-2 would be intolerable at this stage.

  6. Yeah, I am an Aussie. Thats probably part of the reason I am such a pain in the you know where!


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