Geo-targeting on MSDN and Technet

MSDN & TechNet Product Group (MTPG - the group I'm in) has made
Geo-targeted local headlines live for 10 markets on both MSDN US and
TechNet US Homepages. The local headlines are provided by Australia,
Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Japan, Korea, UK, and US. 
This is a small step in the direction we're going...more to come on the
globalization of these two sites...

Here are some of the details from the
internal release mail I sent earlier today.  We're looking for
feedback, so if you have any comments please provide via the
comments for this post. Thanks!

Customer Benefits

  • Customers can be made aware of content relevant in their local market while on the MSDN US Homepage and TechNet US Homepage
  • Customer can select their locale preference in the from the US homepages
  • Saved preferences (no login required) allow the same preference to roam across both MSDN & TechNet homepages
  • These same preferences will apply wherever we add Geo-Targeted content on the corporate MSDN & TechNet site in the future

MSDN – Local Highlights appear on right column


TechNet – Local Highlights appear on main content


On both MSDN Homepage  & TechNet Homepage  the geo-targeted headlines appear in the local language with content programmed by the local markets (for countries currently involved - Australia,
Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Japan, Korea, UK, and US). 
We're using the browser Accept Language to render a guess, but users in
the participating markets can click the [Change] link so save their

Steve Butler, Software Achitect for our group (MTPG) makes the point that shipping this feature isn't as straightforward as it looks
He also asks when these local headlines will
be available via RSS.  Good question Steve, I'll hope to have
some info on that soon.  Also look out for some more markets
taking part, I post this when it happens.

Don't forget to give your feedback, thanks!

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  1. MSDN Online 本社サイトで新しいサービスが開始されましたので紹介します。Local Highlight というサービスで、登録された国別情報に基づいて、その国に特有の開発者向け情報をその国の言葉で紹介するサービスです。…

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