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Josh Ledgard provides 5 tips for being successful at Microsoft.

"1. Remember to ingore your email"


Update: Gretechen Legdard (Josh's wife) reminds me of an often quoted tip inside Microsoft:

"It’s better to ask for forgiveness than ask for permission"

Update, 4 Aug, 05: Kevin Briody adds 2 of his own tips.

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  1. ejarvi says:

    Here is one more tip along those lines. Phrase email "unless someone says otherwise, here’s what I’m going to do at such-and-such time" and then do it. Rather than the paralyzing "Is it OK for me to do this?"

    You will probably not get a big response to either mail, but it is an inexpensive insurance policy. In those rare but inevitable cases where you do make the wrong choice, forgiveness flows freely because both parties need it. You need forgiveness for making the mistake, and the offended party needs forgivess for ignoring your email.

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