India – $250 PCs running Microsoft XP Starter Edition

BBC reports that an Indian PC manufacturer, HCL Infosystems, is helping the Indian government to reach their target of increasing the number of PCs-  from 15 million today and five
million net connections to
75 million computers and 45 million net connections by 2010 - through the introduction of $250 PCs to the market running Microsoft XP Starter Edition.

From the HCL Infosystems press release:

"HCL's most
affordable PC range for India starts with Rs 9990 [$225] that has a 1 GHz
Processor, 128 MB RAM, 40 GB Hard Disk, 15" Digital Color Monitor, 52X
Optical Drive, Keyboard & scroll mouse. It will be ready to support
applications like word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, and web
browsing, e-mail clients, audio Video playback. It will come bundled
with multi-lingual fonts like Tamil etc.

HCL is
also releasing in this range PCs based on Intel architecture as well
the PCs that come with Microsoft's Special Starter Edition"

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