Web Standards Project meets Microsoft

Molly E. Holzschlag provides an update on the progress made between Microsoft and the Web Standards Project (WaSP):

"Since the announcement of the WaSP / Microsoft Corporation Task Force we’ve had two face to face meetings.

... We used our time to discuss specific activities for the WaSP / Microsoft TF in the months to come. Plans include arrangements for WaSP members to evaluate Microsoft product betas and overall strategies. We’ll also work directly with the developer teams to unveil concerns and make recommendations regarding the standards compliance in products including Internet Explorer, Visual Basic Studio, .NET and a range of other Microsoft software and platforms where Web standards matter.

The bottom line? We’re talking, Microsoft is listening.

... My opinion of the meetings, the motivation on the part of Microsoft at large to be a more open company and the individual warmth, intelligence and interest in improving the circumstances Brian and Chris have demonstrated leaves me absolutely confident in saying that support for web standards is an issue Microsoft is paying attention to very, very seriously."

Microsoft needs to get the standards nonsense sorted for IE in particular...I think this is a great step towards this end.  Well done to Brian Goldfarb and Chris Wilson at Microsoft for getting on the case!

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  1. Molly E. Holzschlag , formerly of the Web Standards Project (WASP) has joined the IE team on a contract

  2. Clucking bell, Molly Holzshlag really has kicked the web standards beehive with a blog post expressing

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