The Wonderful, Wonderful Web

You'll have to pardon me, as I'm having one of those occasional 'wow, the www is amazing!' moments...

Mike Rundle writes about his amazement with technology and reels off some of the things are enabled through technology.

But for me, it is the Internet and www that awes me from time to time...

The ability to speak to my family around
the world and transmit our moving images in
real-time. Or to listen to live or pre-recorded radio and TV
from the BBC in Seattle, or a home-made radio show or
videoblog by a friends in far-flung places. To freely search and
access billions of pages of humankind's knowledge, thoughts, opinions
and data - and to get instant answers and learn on
demand. To see Earth from 40,000 miles and zoom in on London
or Seattle street at 1,000ft. To publish my own text,
pictures, audio and video so that they become universally and
immediately available worldwide. To browse and buy practically any
product I want from anywhere in the world.  To subscribe to the
thoughts of people I want to hear, or the news as it happens. To
converse with strangers and to create and continue friendships.

All this from a bright luminescent screen half a meter my brain and over the Wonderful, Wonderful Web.

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