A History of MSN

Paul Thurrott provides a three-part historical look at MSN:

"So here is the story of MSN's rebirth as an Internet services powerhouse. In part one, I quickly examine the convoluted history of MSN, which has been repurposed and re-imagined repeatedly during its decade-long life. In part two, you'll learn about the internal reorganization that finally put the division on the right path, the new customer-centric mantra that drives all of its product development, and its historic decision to take on Google in search. In part three, I'll examine MSN's other services, including MSN Messenger, MSN Spaces, and MSN Music, and Hotmail. "

Via Rajesh Jain.

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  1. BRIANA says:

    Hey i think u should put more information about how msn started because thats wat im doin my speech on and i need information so


  2. hey 2 says:

    yeah do that and put why it started i need for an esey i am writing…..QUICK!!

    Ash Goodwin

  3. reynold says:

    we need more resources please!!!

  4. ??? says:


  5. TayTay says:

    ok i am doing my speech on this and i can’t figure out hat to write because there isn’t enough info here, so please put more info


  6. Jane says:

    You need more on what msn stands for why it was created and stuff because we like need it for projects and stuff 😉


  7. Jill says:

    there isn’t enough information

  8. Valarie says:

    i am doing a senior research paper..n i have to do a bibliography on MSN! I just need some more info, please!! thanks!

  9. tabitha says:

    this site suks we want to no who created msn ok so answer our questions people

  10. Ariel says:

    PUT MORE INFO! this is most lamest website i have seen.

  11. Ash says:

    hey i am doing a text responce and i decided to study the history of msn messeging but i cannot find any info, it would be awesome if there was more history on this, as in like who invented msn messeging and in what year, what percentage of msn users has increased over the years and why do you think this is so. msn messeging has infulenced our grammar and spelling as the language has been shortened e.g ‘ c u lata!’ ‘i luv u.’ damn i sound silly lol but i am pretty smart hey 😀

  12. Cameron says:

    i agree with most of the above, can you please put more information about how it all started and then email me please at cammy949@yahoo.com.au.


  13. Amber says:

    Hey look your blog needs more about the history of MSN because im doing a speech on it and its 70% of my final grade so like add more info k

  14. sim says:

    yeh u really need to put more info on. are u even listening to wot ur readers want?

  15. MSDNArchive says:

    At some point, someone will realise that this blog is not about the history of MSN…

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