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Inside Microsoft:

"Phil Ringalda didn’t like part of the way Microsoft’s new RSS extension is structured, and suggested a cleaner format. Twenty-one hours later, the RSS team at MS, in their first blog post, suggested making his change pemanent and asked for feedback. When was the last time a blogger’s good idea changed the way something worked at Microsoft, let alone this quickly? There are some teams at Microsoft, that, if you blink, don’t seem to be working at Microsoft at all!
Scoble > Findory)"

Dave Winer:

"This turns yesterday's home run into a grand slam."

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  1. SickOfPropaganda says:

    Three tags and they could not have it right?

    Whether they are clueless or they just put together some stuff for the presentation not knowing how things really work.

    This proves MS is lost in space just taking advantage of the good will of the community.

    Amazing how the propaganda machine works.

  2. Some folks ask me why I am still at Microsoft. After 14

    years, surely they think I must be lacking…

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