My old computers…

Chris Pirillo points out Old-Computers.Com.

Ah, memory lane (or lack of)...So, I'm going to bore you with a list of my first computers.

My first computer - Sinclair ZX81. Ram: 1K, although I extended this with a wopping 14K Memopak Oooh.  Learnt Sinclair Basic. Retailed in 1981 for 70 Great British Pounds (I bought second hand for 30)


Upgraded to Sinclair Spectrum 48K (42K for programming! Phew!) .Keyboard: QWERTY rubber keyboard (40 keys) with up to 6 functions by keys ! Whoohoo.  Online with Prestel.

I didn't buy the Commodore Pet 2001, but used it at skool. Remember POKEs?

Went from the Spectrum to the Acorn Electron.  Bad idea. Very bad idea.

Stopped buying computers for a while as cricket took over my life...then I bought an Apple to teach myself how to build websites (1994...Pagemill and CuteFTP some FTP client).  I can't remember the exact Apple model, (and has a limited library of Apples) but I think it was a Performa of some sort.

Macintosh LC 550

After that, went to PCs (my new employer had these).

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  1. Paulo says:

    Nice machines, i have the argentinian version of the ZX81, the CZ1000, with 2k of memory, a ZX Spectrum english edition, a CZ Spectrum Argentinian Edition, a Timex Sinclair 2068 USA Edition, a Mac Classic II, a Mac LCIII, a Performa 580, a Performa 5215 and finally a PowerMac 8500.

  2. Steve says:

    Fond memories of Uncle Clive. If only he’d stayed focused on Microcomputers rather than the C5… sigh…

    Anyway something from the B3tan mob just for grins to remind you of those glorious Speccy games…

  3. Unless you’re a kid or teacher, you’ve probably not heard of the ‘Kids Programing Language’ (KPL).

    KPL is…

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