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DONTCLICK.IT is an imaginary interactive research institute - a Flash site created by Alex Frank who's working on a diploma in Communication Design at the University of Essen-Duisburg in Germany (via Usability in the News).

The site is an exploration into the habits of mouse-clicking.  Alex has developed an interface and interaction exercises that requires no clicking, using methods such as gestures and mouse-overs, inviting users to resist the clicking habit while on the site.  Not easy to do...the site records the first 20 seconds of users' behaviour and has a library of playback Flash movies...lots of 'Doh!' moments...(see 'Explore>>The Autopilot...).

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  1. steven says:

    What an incredibly annoying interface. Stuff moving around is always annoying on a website, but it being the sole navigation method is even worse. I constantly found myself "going places" that I didn’t want to go simply because I wanted to move the cursor out of the way as it was over some text I was reading.

    I can’t imagine this being used for a site with any reasonable amount of actual content.

    My verdict: it’s awful. Long live the click :))

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