BBC Beethoven downloads get more than 600,000 requests

Dan Hill runs the team responsible for designing and building the BBC's radio and music-based interactive offerings across web, digital tv, and mobile platforms.

Dan posts the following on his blog regarding the BBC press release announcing that there have been over 600,000 mp3 download requests of the BBC Radio 3 programmes around Beethoven's five symphonies in the one week trial:

"I can't tell you the amount of buzz this is generating right across the BBC. Lots of extremely interesting questions continue to be raised by the success of our trials - from distribution to commercial policy, from music strategies to on-demand radio, from marketing to navigation and so on - and we're feeding a lot of the learning and creative ideas right into the heart of the various bits of strategic and tactical BBC work going on at the moment. It's profoundly interesting for us, and I hope for some of you."

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