Schwarzenegger is Podcasting

Oh, my giddy aunt.

'I'll play back'

(via Strubel)

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  1. neil says:

    Oh my… I’m so grateful the RSS link doesn’t work.

  2. dfdfgdfgdfg says:

    arnie, is a twerp, he goes round raping women, claiming he is god’s gift to women, like the man, in that new film, about an austrialian who rapes back packers, then this pscioptha claims he is god’s gift to women in another way he is apparently the chmpion of women, what a big head, what a scumbag, i hate thi9s idea that jocks should rule americam, that all the thugs who were teh biggest bullies in school, like arnie, and teh baddy in back to teh future and mussolini should rule, i say if america supports liberty it shoyuld launch a revolution against these scum, but i susepct the americans like eunuchs will be arnie’s slaves and let him be ruler, and so desrve to be his eunuchs, and desrve to go down hill, well done chavez foer sdtanding yp to these fucking scum . imagine you on election night 20056 can say arnold you atre terminated, by the people of california, we are better than you, you scumbag bullty. you thuig, you demon, you nazi, we do not suppotrty your 4th reich millitiamen, killing mexicans, we do not support your thuggery we are not your eunuchs, we are not your girlie men, we th epeople of califiornia, are your terminatoprs, a true david and goliath story, a true braveheart story we will beat the opprewssor, we will bveatr the rich son of the waffen ss, the freind of 2 presidents the wife of a treasonous nazi, we will win, th epeople will win, like how stalin beat hitler like how lenin beat the tsar, the democrats will beat the naiszi republican party, he rips people’s heads off in movies, and su[ppiorts deaths squads on the border operawting against mexican "untermebnchen" that is the term, his nazi pals, in austria would use, and his waffen ss fanmily arbnie, is utter prick, why dont somebody tell him he is a waffen ss scumbag, i can’t believe how annoying this total prick is, i thru a brick at me tv when he was on, and it cracked

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