RSS commerce

Rok Hrastnik writes up a quick post on RSS Bazaar, a service by a little known company Hexlet LLC based in California, that seeks to make it easier for anyone to provide a paid-subscription model for RSS feeds (and make money while doing so):

"Will this work?...Really too early to tell, but the concept is interesting. Paid-subscription RSS feeds should be no different than paid-subscription e-mail e-zines or even print newsletters --- it's all about the content and whether people are ready to pay for it or not."

Agreed, Rok...

My opinion? This is a very, very smart idea.  Lots of added-value: they'll host all the content, look after billing and support too...Thousands - no, hundreds of thousands - could benefit from fact anyone involved in selling content for a living should look at this very closely.  RSS Bazaar (great name!) may be the first...but with an idea as good as this, the competition will be along soon.

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