Eric Rudder gets flattering write-up at nytimes

Eric Rudder, VP of Microsoft Server and Tools group has a flattering write-up at, describing him as a rising star.

"...Mr. Rudder's group has grown at 15 percent to 20 percent annually for the last few years, reaching $10 billion a year in sales. It has become Microsoft's third big business by expanding at roughly twice the pace of the more mature desktop divisions, the Windows operating system and the Office software package."

He's 38.

Rudder is internally attributed as the senior guy who 'got' the potential of blogs and supported te early he's got to be smart 😉

"More than a thousand engineers and product managers in Mr. Rudder's unit have started blogs in the last couple of years to explain what Microsoft is doing and to field comments and criticism from customers and programmers outside the company."

Eric Rudder

The first page of the article at is currently available at, but the rest is behind sign-in.

Update: Jonathan Hardwick, Software Architect at Microsoft:

"What the article doesn’t mention is that Eric accomplished this partly by starting his own blog – even though it’s still mostly empty. Microsoft is very much a “show me” culture: PMs don’t trust other teams until they see working code, and devs don’t believe it’s safe to blog until their VP starts one. The Channel 9 video probably helps too 🙂 So a big thankyou to Eric for leading the way"

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  1. Austin Ehlers says:

    I believe IHT has the same article without requiring any sign-ins:

  2. MSDNArchive says:

    Thanks Austin!


  3. Google Rudderless? (No, not that Rudder.)

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