It is time…Execute Order Sixty-Six.

Saw 'Revenge of the Spliff' this the best of the new 3, imho. But nothing beats ESB.

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  1. Enterprise Service Bus? (


    Got tickets booked for Tuesday and can’t wait!


  2. MSDNArchive says:

    OK, so i don’t mean:

    Enterprise Server Beans

    Electricity Supply Board

    European Society of Biomechanics

    Employment Standards Branch

    Emergency Services Bureau

    English Speaking Board

    Empire State Building

    Emerging Small Business

    Experimental Science Building

    European Soil Bureau

    Everlasting Slip Bobber (yes, there is such a thing)

    Edmonton School of Ballet

    Eridite Suave Battyman

  3. Sorry Alex, couldn’t help my self!


  4. MSDNArchive says:

    Not at all…! 🙂

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