Newsgator Acquires FeedDemon

This is big news in the RSS world.  FeedDemon, the reader I've been using for a couple of years now has been acquired by Newsgator, according to Steve Rubel.

As a paying customer (of FeedDemon and Newsgator) I hope that Newsgator's synchronization platform makes it to FeedDemon soon.

Anyway Nick Bradbury - congratulations and good luck!!!

Update: Lockergnome has interview with Nick Bradbury and Greg Reinacker of Newsgator:

The deal seems to centre around two mutually beneficial wins. First, Newsgator gets a first class RSS reader product. According to Greg:

"What NewsGator lacked was a downloadable desktop product. FeedDemon, as the leading Windows-based desktop aggregator, fills this gap perfectly, and we’ re excited to join forces with Nick to fill out the platform."

Second, and this is a big win for FeedDemon customers, synchronization will be supported for FeedDemon, according to Nick:

"Well, over the past year I’ve heard countless customers asking to be able to synchronize their feeds between computers – they want to use FeedDemon at work, at home, while traveling, etc., and not have to read the same articles again just because they’re using a different computer. This has been – by far – the number one request from FeedDemon customers. But doing this right required a server-side piece that was beyond what my one-person company could handle, so I knew I needed to join forces with someone. Then I read the “NewsGator platform roadmap” post in Greg’s blog, in which he outlined NewsGator’s plans – and right then I knew NewsGator was the company I needed to join with. Q: Come on, Nick. You’re just selling to the highest bidder before the market gets too crowded, right?"

Good news for Newsgator customers - turns out they are getting FeedDemon for free.

So here's a question.  I'm a paying customer of both. Do I still have to pay you both? Greg? Nick?

Update II: Nick Bradbury posts more details on his blog. So does Greg Reinacker


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  1. Thanks, Alex 🙂 As part of the acquistion, NewsGator has agreed to provide FeedDemon customers a free two-year subscription, which includes upgrades to FeedDemon.

  2. Judi Sohn says:

    You gave credit to Lockergnome for the "interview", I jumped over to it and it looked familiar. Sure enough, it’s word-for-word the same text posted on NewsGator’s site here that I read this morning.

    I’m sorry…it doesn’t change anything and it certainly doesn’t affect me personally. I just thought it a little sleazy for an advertising-loaded site to repost the content of another page in its entirety with no attribution whatsoever.

  3. Several months ago I started writing a review of FeedDemon and NewsGator, together with an explanation…

  4. Several months ago I started writing a review of FeedDemon and NewsGator, together with an explanation

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