Nameplanet – my nomination for worst customer support

I'm going to nominate Nameplanet, a webmail provider Kate (my wife) uses, for the worst customer support for any online-based company.

Kate was unfortunate enough to delete her entire inbox after a new IA was launched.  She's tried mutliple times to contact Nameplanet via email (there is no phone number) to see if they can restore the data, but the following same auto-response comes flying back:

"Hello, This email was auto generated to provide you information quickly. If it does not answer your question, please reply to this email and keep the subject line intact.

We are aware of the current issue with webmail not showing up correctly for some accounts and are working to resolve the issue. We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience with this and hope to have it fixed shortly.

Thanks, NamePlanet Support"

Which is useless, as Kate knows she deleted her mail - it is not a case of it going mysteriously missing.  Kate has used Nameplanet for 4 years, and is a Premium account holder (she actually pays for 100MB of storage)....But even this doesn't mean she's getting anything like reasonable customer support.

Can anyone help out there? Does anyone have a friend/contact than can help - even an actual phone number?

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  1. Abomb88 says:

    Well you can always try the person that owns the domain. WHOIS report:

    Admin Name……….. JK Hullett

    Admin Address…….. 350 South Center Street

    Admin Address……..

    Admin Address…….. Reno

    Admin Address…….. 89501

    Admin Address…….. NV

    Admin Address…….. UNITED STATES

    Admin Email……….

    Admin Phone………. 831-649-6711

    Admin Fax………… 303-385-4995

  2. MSDNArchive says:

    thanks Abomb, but as you might have guessed, this has an answerphone message without anyway of leaving a message.

  3. Neil says:

    The best solution is to vote with your feet and change ISP, don’t pay them another penny…

    However the real reason for my post is that they are not the worst….oh no….Tesco’s in England win the prize, the hat, the award, it all…

    I had a can of Tesco’s cola explode in my car, seriously it exploded, opened the can up like a bannana skin without opening the ring pull, so much of a blast that it burst two other cans in the same six pack…..

    Took 5 hours to clean the car and the four occupants.

    Their customer support finally told me 6 weeks after I first called (10 calls later) that unless I returned the cans to the store (hoping another will not explode on route) they were not prepared to talk to me.

    This after speaking to 4 managers, and 6 support staff on the phone all who promised to get them picked up.

    So my point is, even if you get them on the phone, they probably won’t do anything, they already have your money!

    Still your nomination is not valid, Tesco’s win.

  4. Will Sullivan says:

    I could probably swing a GMail invite… Won’t help with the deleted email situ, but a lesson learned is a valuable thing… willsullivan@g[youknowwheretofindme]

  5. Marianne says:

    Well, I’m a nameplanet user, and the whole system seems to have packed up entirely over the last few days. I’ll second their customer support incompetence – when you go to the main page there isn’t even a mention that there have been problems. grrrr.

  6. Struth says:

    Thank goodness Google found this discussion for me – at least I know it’s not just me having problems (I can’t get in today and have been having trouble recently). They never reply to e-mails but there’s 2 faxes numbers on the site and I’m sending a fax to both today: 001 775 329 0852 or in the UK, 020 7900 2296. Can’t say whether they’ll actually reply though!!!

  7. Jenny says:

    I too second the NamePlanet nomination. Am having similar problems at the moment, and not for the first time. I once got a reply from "support" via email, but now I can’t even access the page with their email address. Thanks for the fax number, though I’m afraid I have had no luck with faxes to them in the past…

  8. hugh jones says:


    yeh – nameplanet – I’ve been a cvustomer for some years and they have been excellent until recently – if anyone is thinking of using this service – DON’T.

    Their new interface is almost unusable and was not user tested, that’s if you can get onto it anyway as the server has been down for up to a day at a time on four occasions over the last couple of weeks.

    As for customer service just brilliant as already identifeied there is none if you cant get on line.

    So no help I’m afraid but I thought you might at least feel you weren’t alone.


  9. Stevie says:

    After the well established complete lack of care traditional among I.T indistry giants such as Microsoft, it comes as a big suprise there are people out there who are worse!!!

    I have tried email, fax and regular mail to no effect. So now I’m sending a large raw fish in plastic wrap by snail mail. Get the message Nameplanet – you stink!!

  10. Michael says:

    I used to love my Nameplanet account but the service recently has been dreadful. I don’t know if it’s of any help to anyone but I’ve managed to find out the following.

    Nameplanet was originally started in 1999 as a FREE webmail service started by two Norwegian partners Lars-Odin Mellemseter, chief executive officer and Chief Technology Officer Geir Rasmussen.

    I believe the original finance was from The Carlyle Group, and the company was located in London at 125 High Holborn London WC1V 6QA no telephone number listed but fax 020 7242 9105.

    There is also a connection with THE GLOBAL NAME REGISTRY, LIMITED who were at one time and may still be wholly owned by Nameplanet Ltd (UK.

    Curent listings show the U.S holding company at 350 South Center St, Reno, NV 89501 with yes a possible phone number : (775) 333-5962.

    Nameplanet also has a sister company at the same address Netidentity.

    Netidentity is currently owned by a group of investors including Mark Cuban, the Texas billionaire and founder of

    I don’t know if this is of any help but hopefiully someone can make use of it

    Oh and yeah – they suck!

  11. Nicholas says:

    Just a quick note on Nameplanet user’s having problems at the moment with this service (including myself.) You can actually not access the Nameplanet online service at the moment, but I have managed to retrieve my mail through POP-mail in my outlook application.

    This is done by indicating the following preferences:

    1) the Nameplanet Mail Server (getmail.(your domain) for example,

    2) applying your nameplanet address as username i.e.

    and finally 3) your normal nameplanet password, you should be able to at least read mail sent to you.

    I hope this can help some people out. I sincerely hope the Nameplanet service will be up and running pronto, as I have been a very satisfied customer untill the last two-three weeks, when the service has been rather unstable.

    Please note that you might experience resistance retrieving POP-mail from time to time (due to unstable server activity I guess) but I have managed to get mail regularly in this manner.

  12. TobyJ says:

    Useless/useless/useless bunch of nameplanet *****s.

    Sorry to just bitch but how come it was so much better a service when it was free?

    I missed meeting an old friend from the other side of the country because of their non-service.

    I’ve quit – good luck to the rest of you.

  13. Guri Refsnes says:

    Yes, what a pity their service evaporated. For the time being I get porn spam originally sent to a person unknown to me but with the same last name. How can this happen?

    You ask if they have answered that question?

    Ha, their answers are automatic blah blah. I have started reporting their automatic blah as spam, but they do not respond even to this.

    I think what happened is that they rented or bought a new server and then went back to sleep. So stupid of me to pay for two years…

  14. Kelli says:

    I found this conversation after searching on google for how to complain about Yahoo’s e-mail customer service. Nameplanet sounds pretty bad, but I might pick Yahoo as the worst customer service now that they CHARGE you to call a representative, even if you pay for their e-mail service. You have to enter your credit card number then they call you back. Nice customer service.

  15. nanwin says:

    I loved having my identity as my email address, but I have paid dearly for it. Dealing–no, TRYING to deal–with Nameplanet has shortened my life, I am sure. I have had every problem described above–sometimes more than once. If Dante had only known, he would surely have saved the deepest pit in the Inferno for the Nameplanet organization.

  16. Jenny says:

    I just came across this thread and although it’s older I thought I would leave a post–I am a nameplanet customer and am experiencing big time problems with accessing my account. For the last 24 hours, all I got was a blank page after login. This is DEFINITELY the last time I am signing up for this paid "service". I am in the middle of getting a new job…all my correspondences with the company and all the information so far is stored there…and I can’t get to it! I am so upset!

  17. Julyan says:

    I have the problem as Jenny. And I have equally important emails stored on my webmail there. Have sent about 10 emails to nameplanet over the last 24 hours with no response.

  18. Alba says:

    Oh God, at least I’m not the only one…Around here in Barcelona everyone likes my e-mail address from Nameplanet, since it is not very popular here, and I used to be quite proud of not having a hotmail or yahoo domain, I work as a translator, all is done by e-mail, so, you know, it was cool…But, what is going to happen now??? What about my clients? I had to open a hotmail account due to desperation this morning…is being quite a mess, I can’t believe it, I must honestly say it never happened to me before, that’s why I started paying.

    Anyway, let’s hope for the best.

    Besos para todos

  19. Roman says:

    Since Nameplanet installed its new system, there have been a lot of problems. They say it’s due to browsers but that’s not true. I used to like the old template a lot and am quite disappointed with the new service.

    Let’s be fair with Nameplanet and hope for improvement. Nobody’s perfect.

    Hopefully I do not use it for business.

    Good luck to all.

  20. Wink Jones says:


    My name is Wink Jones, and I am the president of Nameplanet. I have just come across this posting and would like to offer an apology and explanation. In April of this year, we moved our email service to a provider that we felt would offer a superior quality service. This migration was not without its problems, and I believe was related to a few of the issues above. In addition, over the past couple of days, we have had some other problems with our webmail login, causing many people to be disconnected from their email service. Because of a problem with our support system, many complaints regarding this issue were lost, and we did not know who was directly affected. Our engineers have since spent a lot of time fixing this issue to ensure that it will not happen again. I want to offer a sincere apology to all of you that were affected. It goes without saying that your business is important to us, and you should expect a high level of service.

    In the future, if you experience service problems and do not receive a response through our support system, please contact me directly at winkjones[at], and I or someone in our office will respond to you immediately. If you have recently had problems with our service and want to let me know about it, please email me at the same address, and I will do whatever is possible to remedy these mistakes. If you want to comment on the current service offering, or let us know about any improvements you’d like to see, let me know. We really do care about our customers and want to see this situation made right.

    Thank you for your comments.

    Wink Jones

  21. Anna says:

    I just came across this posting and found it rather timely. I registered my url through Netidentity, another company run by Wink Jones of Nameplanet. I have been wokring hard to launch my business for a long time and have been ready to launch my online business for over 9 days – I had trouble with my Netidentity web hosting and have been trying to reach customer service for over 9 days – I have sent an email every day and even called them, although their number is unlisted. They took a message a week ago and said that support would call back – sure?

    I am guessing that Wink is running these businesses alone or with a skeleton crew. Either way, I cannot depend on them to host my web site. I am now trying to get my web site unlocked and released so that I can transfer the account…



  22. Armin says:

    I have been using NetIdentity for a while and they provide the worst service I have ever seen. I’m just sorry that I used my NetIdentity e-mail address on my business cards and told people that this was my preferred e-mail address. It was initially, until I started having nothing but problems. If friends and colleagues ask me about my e-mail address, I want them about NetIdentity and to stay away from them.

    I report problems to NetIdentity almost on a daily basis, but there is never an acknowledgement that they are having problems or what they are doing to resolve these problems. I can only assume that they are doing mass deletes on reported problems and don’t bother reading them.

  23. Sarilyn says:

    I’m glad I’m not the only one having problems with Nameplanet.  They have terrible customer service and constantly have problems, it’s hard to believe I paid for this service!!  I’m getting out when my year is up.

  24. Anne says:

    I can’t login to my Nameplanet account! In the lower left corner of my internetbrowser, a yellow triangle with exlamation mark shows, saying "ready". But when I push the Log in button, nothing happens and the same triangle appears, saying "error on page".

    Does anyone recognize this problem and know the solution?

    If so, please reply to my other emailaddress: c r a n n b e r r y @ c h r i s t i a n . n e t (without spaces)


  25. John says:

    I have exactly the same problem as Anne. Cannot log in at all, and I can’t even get my emails through Outlook Express which usually works when I can’t log in. This is getting beyond a joke. I’ve been with nameplanet since the days it was a free service, and now that we’re all paying its worse than ever.

  26. Mickey says:

    I’ve found when there are problems with the homepage, you can go to http://mail.[domain] (ie and log in there

  27. Scott says:

    Netidentity is a disaster…is Wink a real person? We haven’t been able to login for 4 days now, can’t send, only receive some.

    You call the number for their offices in Reno, NV at 775-333-5962 and get some lady on the machine that won’t let you leave a message.

    I’ve emailed support, I’ve faxed support, I’ve heard NOTHING!!!!!

    If Wink is still monitoring this email me at

  28. Yep, me too. says:

    I have had a shared e-mail address with them for nearly 8 years and didn’t have problems until the last two. In the last 6 months, all I get on my NI e-mail is spam. Their spam filter is archaic and ineffective.

    You want better e-mail, web-hosting, spam control, etc.? Go to Powweb! I now host my own domain (not shared) on their servers for slightly more than what I was paying Netidentity for two e-mails. I went from two addresses to 1300 e-mail addresses that I control, web space, and awesome spam control (via greylisting) for $99/year.

  29. JAPHspam says:
    I just like spam! I’m collocting junk email…

  30. Victoria Fisher says:

    WOW! To think I did not find this website at any time over these past two years of DREAD with nameplanet. Honestly, I am looking for a reason to STAY as a customer, because I ave had my email address with them since 1999, when it was free. If any of you nameplanet customers remember the OLD layout and service, I so preferred that, and it came as a complete shock when without any chance for customer input they changed it. Wish they would change it back… But more than  anything I wish it would simply FUNCTION. Below is my email address if any of you should feel so inclined – not that I can bank on receiving any correspondence of course…

    Victoria Akselsen Fisher

  31. Vern Childers says:

    I have only one comment about the whole mess. When it comes to mediocrity – they are not mediocre about their mediocrity. It appears to be the one thing that they do excellent. Does anyone know of a company who has good service? I am getting off this dead horse.

  32. Jan Stroem says:

    Nameplanet log in, not working again!!! yes.. I am getting more and more unhappy with this e-mail provider (understatement), has been a member since 99, when ever ..if ever I can log in there I will get all my addresses and mails copied and get the h..l out from there, they will not have me as a customer anymore, and I do not think they care either..obviously..tried many times to mail them..did I get a response..affraid not!!

    Good luck in the search for a great new e-mail provider.

    Any good suggestions by the way?

  33. Angry says:

    I just found this site and I am looking to replace my Netidentity account. It wass fine for two years and now I haven’t been able to even GET MY EMAIL for that last 30+ days.  Cust. Support doesn’t exist and if you cantact them you end up talking to billing who merely want you to pay for another year.

  34. Dissepointed says:

    I have been satisfied and happy withmy e-mail account, and when they changed it from a free to one are paying for I did so. But then the service whent downhill. Change of the layout was terribal, having the next- button all the way to the right boardering into stupidety.

  35. Patricia Toledo says:

    I paid for my brother’s email account with my credit card. They set up this account under my name so everytime my brother uses his account it shows my name before his nameplanet account.  This is so stupid and causes so many confusion to our friends and family.  I have been trying for several months to reach customer service and they haven’t answer my emails. I feel very frustrated!

  36. Jane says:

    I really like namplanet – we have been customers since 2000 and it always works well for us, occasionally you can’t get in but it doesn’t usually last long. Yes the customer service is minimal but then so is the price, what do you expect. You want to pay next to nothing, dont expect a premium service.

  37. MSDNArchive says:

    Jane – some are paying customers and they suffer similar (the same) problems too. My wife is one of these unfortunate souls – read my post.

    Just because something is free, it doesn’t have to be crap. And it is crap.

  38. Jane says:

    Alex – I am a paying customer and so are my husband and two children, mainly as it is so cheap. 20 dollars a year is a very low price, so you get what you pay for, cheap crap. And compared with some of the cheap crap I have experienced this has been very good. You know the whole reliablity of technology has been just about the biggest con of the past twenty years, and hey I’m over it.  Does anybody work in a major US corpration that has a customer support system that it any good – I doubt it.

  39. MSDNArchive says:

    Jane – let’s agree to disagree on our expectations 🙂

  40. nicolas says:

    I have the same problems than everyone else. I pay 20 dollars per year for a service which is all the time unavailable.

    I am sad especially because I can’t do anything on it.

  41. I too am a member from way back when it was free and when it went to paying, I also got all the bells and whistles.  Now I think I may be regretting what I did.  Alot of my internet account are tied to my name planet email addy.  If I go to move my email addy it would be alot of work. But it may be worth it to have my access and a dependable system.

  42. Well, it seems that Nameplanet/NetIdenity is at it again – that is to say, "It appears that they’ve all gone on Holiday." But, then They don’t celebrate Memorial Day, do they? No, I think not, but it seems that my email account has taken a "Timeout." Here’s what’s happening for over twenty-four hours each time I Login:  

    I too have had an account since the beginning AND my Nameplanet email was quite reliable for my needs until I became a paying customer. Yes, I am confused, I truly thought that by becoming a Premium Paying Customer, I would get better service – not worse or no service. While some of the other writers seem to think that the fee is small, I would recommend that they take a look at the Precentage Increase which went from 0 to $24+.  One would think that one would give Great Service, if ones pay check increased over 24 fold.  Oh, by the way, they advertise "Live Technical Service" but I can’t find it anywhere.

    Sign me "Frustrated and Confused"

  43. brt says:

    Jipie! Nameplanet has been taken over by Tucows!

    Although they announce not to make any changes at the moment, it’s already a day and night difference: they communicate!

    Read more ’bout in on their blog:

    Really hope things will change for good now!


  44. MSDNArchive says:

    thanks for the heads up brt…

  45. Well, the 43rd comment to come in on this post of mine grumbling about Nameplanet’s customer service…

  46. jack says:

    My god, I though I was alone!!!!!

    On one of my computer, I can’t login on to my account. it pouch me right back to the login, I understand that there is a bog on my computer that prevent me to do so. Someone told me that it could be the Google or yahoo task bar on the top of the screen. Naneplanet as only one thing good, I have my name and last with a “.com” as an address. COOL!!!!!! They suck and it seems to me that they changing owner often.

    Any body could help me login on my mail directly without using outlook????



  47. California Girl says:

    Thank goodness for this blog!  I was feeling that I was only one with login problems!

    Netidentity, which was also bought by Tucows, has also "left the building."  Customer support is not responsive.  We have several accounts with them, and are unable to login.  We keep getting bounced back to the login screen.  We have paid for live support — but no way to reach them.  Things are going from bad to worst since Tucows took over.  We’re at a lost of what to do!  If anyone has suggestions or a way to contact ANYONE for help, please advise…


  48. Ross Rader says:

    California Girl –

    We’ve had a few problems over the last few days that I’m still trying to get a handle on.

    First off, if you are sending email to and not getting a response, let me know ( personally so that I can go and rattle someone’s cage. We’re in the process of transitioning support to our regular team from the NetIdentity Colorado team, so some things might be hitting the floor. Letting me know what’s up is usually the best way to help us fix these things.

    Regarding your login issues, I think this might be related to a recent upgrade that the NetIdentity folks did just prior to the acquisition. We’re in the process of nailing this down, but I’d be interested to see if the problem still persists – drop me a private email if it still does and I’ll get someone here to work with you directly to make it a historical problem for you!

    thanks for your patience. We’re slowly getting through the waves. I’m now down to less than 400 emails related to the announcement!


  49. Tine Ros says:

    I have to say that things are looking up at Nameplanet now they have new owners. They actually replied to my mail!!! So maybe things are getting better… lets hope so. Otherwise they have lost me when my payment is due in october.

  50. Scott says:

    Has anyone else tried to change their registrar away from netIdenity (Tucows) only to find the domain in a "clientTransferProhibited" status?

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