Microsoft names Chris Liddell as new CFO

Associated Press:

"Software maker Microsoft Corp. said Monday that it hired Chris Liddell as the company's chief financial officer effective May 9. He replaces former CFO John Connors, who retired in January.

Liddell previously served as CFO at International Paper Co., and before that was chief executive officer of Carter Holt Harvey Ltd., one of New Zealand's largest forest-products companies."




< < he's a Kiwi





Official press release here.

Update: Business Week Online carries an interview with Liddell about his new role at Microsoft. 

"Liddle, a New Zealander, seems unlikely to change Microsoft's course of pushing accountability down to Redmond's seven business units. It's something he did as chief executive at Carter Holt Harvey, a New Zealand forest-products concern. "

 (Liddle do they know they managed to mispell his name)...

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  1. MK says:

    This is very interesting. I worked for Carter Holt Harvey when Chris was the CEO there. He had a tough time turning that company around due to the cyclical nature of the industry.

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