Steve Rubel BW picture caption competition

OK, Friday silliness starts here.

Steve Rubel is featured in an article of the current edition of Business Week, 'Blogs Will Change Your Business'.

I saw this pic, and thought...let's have a daft caption competition!

OK, I go first:

"Steve Rubel auditions for the lead role in the muscial hit show 'The Full Monty'."

Comments (23)

  1. zman says:

    "Steve Rubel messes up the M during a perfomance of YMCA"

  2. Steve Rubel says:

    As I wrote on my blog: "overexposed"

  3. Anon Y Mous says:

    "I see dead people…"

  4. MSDNArchive says:

    "If there’s one thing I can’t stand, it is a dirty ceiling. Now, somebody pass me a frigging sponge!"

  5. Brian Oberkirch says:

    Too sexy for my shirt.

  6. Oh crap! I forgot to get my supersuit from the cleaner!

  7. The NY Times says:


    In other news: Semi-invisible man strikes again…

  8. NY Times says:

    Rubel tries a little micro-persuasion.

  9. Andy Lark says:

    Here’s my first shot:

    "Oh God! Wrong Outfit. Where did I leave the cape?"


    "Itchy scratchy. Scratchy. Itchy. I’m going insane."

  10. Drew says:

    No Dammit, I am not Dr. Katz!!!!!!!!!

    <img src=""&gt;

  11. Greg says:

    Captain Morgan: Rubel this is the Captain. I’ve read your blog and I’m very angry!! I challenge you to a duel. Meet me at the Station — near Track 23. Drink responsibly.

    Steve Rubel: You’re on Morgan!! Your blog is a complete waste. You will never be a real human and I will be happy to finish you and your blog once and for all!

  12. "Great – I’m schwitzing my butt off and the thermostat is six feet higher than I am."

  13. There is a story that the stars on the ceiling – well, the print for the ceiling crew came back reversed, so the stars are the way they look, not from earth but from an infinitly distant point looking at earth. When it was discovered the project maanagers decided nobody would notice.

  14. Andrew Denny says:

    Wait a minute – this isn’t the phone booth!

  15. Mike says:

    In the original concept for "Superman", Lex Luthor was the hero.

  16. Steve Rubel says:

    Greg’s Captain Morgan’s submission wins – hands down.

  17. Tom O'Neill says:

    I realize my submission is too late, but I’m holding out for an honorable mention:

    "Heightened Security on a Budget"

    (AP) Passenger Steve Rubel participates in Grand Central Station’s controversial "EZ-Frisk" program, where he is guided through a self-search by remote security personnel.

  18. John Lehman says:

    I said beam me up, not down, you idiot!

  19. thinkjose says:

    Waaaaaaay Late but I couldn’t resist.

    "Persuading on a micro level all day makes Steve sweat like Six Apart on server move day."

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