Xbox2, Microsoft and MTV, why stop there?

Microsoft Monitor:

"...Microsoft and MTV, why stop there? How about incorporating Xbox 2 into the "Real World" or give the "Osbournes" a console for a day. "Cribs" is a stretch now, but what about closer to launch? It's time for that new Xbox crib. Surely there are people that would tune into every "Real World" episode for the next six months or so to watch featured five minutes of Xbox 2 play. I can see all kinds of potential marketing tie-ins, just in case no one at Microsoft or MTV is thinking about them. Please, give me a call--or, of course, colleagues Michael Gartenberg and Jay Horwitz--if the possibilities are somehow unclear."

(In case the above seems random to you, this is in reaction to the news that Microsoft will unveil the new video game console with a 30-minute TV special hosted by "Lord of the Rings" star (and confessed Xbox enthusiast) Elijah Wood....more at

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