How do you pronounce ‘Memex’?

How do you pronounce 'Memex'.

Is it 'mem ex', as in memory? Or 'meem ex' as in meme?  I ask because Rajesh Jain of caught my Attention with this:

"The combination of RSS, OPML and Information Dashboards will also bring to life an old idea – the Memex, first proposed by Vannevar Bush in 1945. I wrote about “Constructing the Memex” two years ago...

...Some of the underlying ideas to execute the Memex may have changed, but the building blocks remain the same – blogs, RSS and OPML. What is different is how we assemble these elements together. There is little doubt in my mind that the Web is due for an upgrade – given the spurt in user-generated (“folk”) content and the rise of mobile phones. The Memex is what will emerge as Information Dashboards and Marketplaces become more popular. Thus, the future of Search lies in it enabling the creation of these new platforms to help us tackle a problem which has been with us for a long time – lot of information and limited time. Finally, we have the tools at hand to tackle the challenges. Smarter Search is just a beginning, and the Memex is the endgame. Information Dashboards and Marketplaces make up the middle."

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  1. I’ve always pronounced it "mem ex": like "Memorex" with the "or"

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