JD on MX: RSS on PSP:

"RSS on PlayStation Portable: Remarkable level of hackery on this new box... this Engadget article has a step-by-step, with many outbound links, to view weblog content (via RSS via Bloglines) on the new gaming console."

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  1. mike says:

    um is there a way around haveing rss whith out the wipe out game. well will chek back here later.

  2. mikes says:

    Upgrade to PSP firmware version 2.6

  3. beau says:

    how do make it work i have got it but dont know HOW you get em

  4. ken says:

    i have the rss channels. how do you get crap in it

  5. hnj says:

    RSS for 2.6 only supports podcasts, not regular rss feeds.

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