The oncoming bandwidth explosion on the edge

Om Malik's blog has a guest coumn by Robert Young, (via asks the question: 'What happens when you have 100 megabits per second connections on the edge of the network?'. 

"Put another way, what are the implications when millions of people start creating ad-hoc wireless networks among themselves? Well, if you zoom out to look at the big picture, the most obvious implication is the rise of truly distributed peer2peer networks randomly and serendipitously popping up in meet space that have absolutely no central points of control. "

'Meet space', hehehe...

Comments (2)

  1. Still thinking that evolution of social habits will have to happen first. It might be the question on hen and egg, but: Do think that the need of fast and cheap global communication founded the success of the internet. So did the need on book bring up a product (re-)invented by Gutenberg. So: What is the social need of meeting spaces with no points of control today? Anti-culture to "anti-terrorisme paranoia"-society? Next step of globalisation deleting physical borders? Cheap way to keep mobility high as fuel & energy for travels will become to expensive?

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