IE7 and CSS: the Acid2 test – Microsoft has now been challenged

In a public effort to encourage Microsoft to add as much CSS 2 support as possible as its developers embark on IE7, Håkon Wium Lie (CTO of Opera Software and the father of CSS) and the Web Standards Project have begun the development of a test suite, known as “Acid2.”

"To ensure that IE 7 does not become another failed promise, the Web community will issue a challenge to Microsoft. We will produce a test page, code-named Acid2, that will actively use features Web designers crave, such as fixed positioning of elements.

...To the IE 7 developers, I want to say:

You are smart and talented. You know Web standards as well as anyone. You were capable of fixing IE in the past, but your managers didn't let you. You now have a new chance to get it right--don't waste it. Download Acid2 when it's released and get in touch if you think it's unfair for any reason. Resist pressure from management to ship before you are done--spend the extra time it takes.

...To the Web community I want to say: Microsoft has now been challenged. They will respond, if enough people remind them of the challenge. Please remind them. And, when IE 7 is released, make sure this is the first thing you type into it"


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  1. David Betz says:

    Good, good, good! But as long long as windows update will push standards updates immediately as the W3C finalizes them, I’m happy!

    I just started a new contract and I tol the people there in the interivew "I don’t use Internet Explorer" and "I will never writing a tag in HTML…I use xhtml".

    This is a gooooooooood thing…

  2. chev says:

    Awww, is poor little Micwosoft feeling the heat after Firefox reaches 20% in Germany?

  3. Steven says:

    I hope MS will take this seriously. I read the IE blog regularly and people are screaming their heads off to get MS to support these features. The only response is something like "we can’t say", which is even more infuriating than total silence.

  4. Andrew Z says:

    Bill gates promised Microsoft supports standards and interoperability, so let’s see it!

  5. I’ve mentioned Acid2 before, but there is actually something to test against now.

    From Web Standards…

  6. udha says:

    Excellent, this is what is needed, I’m glade such a test is being devised, Here’s my only problem with IE as it stands, it uses some features available only to IE, so users of a Macintosh for example cannot read the site as it was intended, I will be giving this one a miss and so will the rest of my company and customer base if this version turns out to do the same.

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