The digruntled customer not only speaks, he videocasts.

If you are thinking of buying a GE GXCF20E Water Dispenser, then you should watch this.

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  1. Rich C says:

    Of course, he doesn’t know how to use the device. He took the cap completely off of the water bottle – that cooler is designed to poke through the cap. That would prevent the spilling. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if that helped the flow, too.

  2. Rich C says:

    In fact, as a courtesy if he comes to visit, page four of the owner’s manual states:

    Peel the label from the top cover of the bottle. Do *not* remove the entire bottle cap or press in the center plug.

    This manual can be found at:

  3. The problem is, not all water bottles have a center plug. In fact, it’s quite common for there to be no center plug. Poland Spring, for example, has no center plug on their bottles.

    If the GXCF20E had a larger reservoir, it would accomodate *both* types of bottle. Unfortunately, it is "bad technology" and forces you to use one type of bottle.

  4. jeanie says:

    GE dispenser sucks!! i’m using this product for almost 8months now, and.. it starts RUSTING!! i bought this damn thing because of the newborn baby. of course, we can’t use it anymore. don’t buy this product people. it’s such a waste

  5. jim says:

    Water flow is very very slow….I end up going to the sink sometimes just because I don’t want to wait for this thing! BAD MODEL

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