Google – Doing No Evil?

Via InsideGoogle,

"BetterBadNews has a great video, making fun of the Autolinking "controversy". If you don't think the whole issue is ridiculous after watching this, well, watch it again. Even if you don't agree, you can still laugh at the video.

The video touches on everything from Autolinking to Mark Jen to the potential evils of the non-evil inspiring the evil with their non-evil potential for evil.

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  1. . says:

    Microsoft STARTED it with SMARTTAGS. which I will NEVER SUPPORT EVAR!

    Theyre piss damn annoying like popups.

  2. enfailty says:

    Mark Jen’s problem wasn’t that he blogged about Google – prominent people like Lucovsky, Dibona, Goodger etc do too.

    Blogging is obviously OK. Being stupid is obviously not.

    Autolink? The the user to download the tool in the first place (unlike Internet Exploder), the user has to switch on the functionality, and the user has to click EVERY SINGLE time they want to use it. It’s what the user wants, it just simplifies the process. SmartTags was on by default (very very bad) but also by Microsoft who have a history of evil practices (bad).

    OK, I know the point is to laugh at the video, but Microsoft is being stupid if you think blogging and bitching is going to heal years of illegally leveraging your monopoly and treating users like crap.

  3. Alex Barnett says:

    it must be a full moon…

  4. DotWind Blog says:

    The discussion has been pretty heated up in the blogshpere about the google AutoLink feature. BetterBadNews has posted a great video making fun of that feature. Read On to see the video……

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