Recording Skype call – can you help?

IanD wants to know:

"have been searching for ways to record skype calls for pocasts and its not as simple as it looks I saw Audio hijack pro for the mac would do it, is there a windows program like that? I looked at virtual wires but that wouldn't do it. Any ideas ? I am going to do a Windows Media Center podcast Ian"

Update: 5th March 2005

I found and got the following recipe to work:

1.Skype Options, Handset, disable Auto sound setting
2.Open Windows mixer, make sure Microphone is included. Unmute the microphone. Set low. Set Wave Out to the same level
3.Open another Windows Mixer for Recording, select Wave out mix. Set low.
4.Install Audacity with the Lame MP3 encoder
5.Set Audacity to 22Khz, 16 bit mono (or 12Khz)
6.Set MP3 encoding to 64K or 32K
7.Start Audacity recording
8.Use Skype to call Echo123 for testing.
9.Stop recording, check it and then Export to 10.MP3

I found this here and here.

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  1. I use two computers. One for the Skype call. The other one for recording. I use Audacity. You’ll need to get a wire to go from the audio out of one computer into the audio in of the recording one.

  2. Ian Dixon says:

    Thanks for the help Alex and Robert.

    I may just found somthing else

    A program called Vanrecord (

    Enables you to select a record source without changed Skypes settings.

    So Sykpe can use the Mic for the audio and Vanrecord can use the Stereo mix with out changing skype

    I am going to try it at lunch time. I will let you know


  3. Ian Dixon says:

    No that didn’t work 🙁 it routed all the audio back down the skype call causing loads of feedback.

    Looks like I will have to use another PC.

    You would think Skype would have added that feature

    Thanks for the help, and if you into Media Center lookout for my podcast soon (and if you want to help checkout my plee for help!)

  4. Alex Barnett says:

    Thanks Robert. Ian, let me know when you’ve got it up and running.


  5. JT says:

    Try GraphEdit from Microsoft. You can route the output of your soundcard to a file. You will have to use the "File writer" filter, and you may have to use an AVI Mux filter. Just experiment with the various filters…

  6. Ian Dixon says:

    Thanks JT I will try and find that

  7. MixCast Live can be configured to record skype calls without feedback on machines with two audio devices. Here’s a quick example of the configuration:


    * Plug into Device A


    * Plug into Device B


    * Audio In: Device A

    * Audio Out: Device B


    * Recorder Soundcard: Device B

    * Patch Cord: input Device A, output Device B

    Now MCL will record everything on playing on Device B, which is a mix of the skype output and Device A’s microphone.

    MCL is recording and mixing everything on one device, but skype is only picking up the microphone from the other device, therefore there is no feedback for the other caller.

    Here’s a more detailed explaination:

  8. Ian Dixon says:

    JT I am trying Graphedit, I got the audio device to the avi mux to the wav file but it still either records the stereo mix and feeds back in skype or the mic and only records myself. I need a way of it not changing the windows recording propertys

  9. Ian Dixon says:

    Thanks to JT I got sykpe working (using Bluetooth)

    I have posted details on my blog

  10. Richard MacManus of Read/WriteWeb and I had a Skype chat this evening and recorded the call  …

  11. Paul Andrews says:

    Skylook records calls direct to MP3. You will need Outlook 2000/XP/2003, and Skype 1.2 or greater.

  12. HH says:

    Skylog works really well. I have been trying various other recording programs for months like Total Recorder 5.2 which I could never actually get going.

  13. Poor Yorick says:

    I captured a <a href="">screenshot</a&gt; which shows exactly how to record a Skype call using Virtual Audio Cable. It works well and solves all the issues of being able to adjust your recording level, people hearing themselves speak, etc.

  14. Poor Yorick says:

    Oops, the previous link got munged. here it is again:

  15. iCE says:

    Why you need Audacity? This is a sound editor and not designed for audio recording. Specialized audio recorder like i-Sound ( is much more convenient for this, especially with VOX mode.

  16. perfect software I was really not wanting to adjust all my audio in’s and outs.. this software works perfect and theres a demo

  17. Jake says:

    I’ve been at his all day and all I’ve found that’s worked for me is this:

    I am more than willing to shell out $15 for it but I need to get the money in paypal. Trial version works fine as well but you can only record 2 minutes and it has ads. I can deal with ads though. I don’t care.

  18. Cal Hardy says:

    Good info thanks

  19. jim says:

    if you want to make things easier, go to, you can find the tools that can help you!

  20. m.erdem says:

    you can find this tool at ttp://

    goog luck

  21. Scott Price says:

    Sadly most options on the market didn’t like the Plantronics headsets I have, DSP 100 and DSP 400, seeming to think they only had a microphone, so i-Sound, Freecorder, and Audacity would record fine, but you would not hear any conversation from the other party.

    As much as I prefer to use Thunderbird, I do still have Outlook, and very fortunately so, because Skylook worked wonderfully, first time and output to a standard MP3 file, to make it much easier to store or playback.

    I was very pleased with the simplicity of Skylook, and I hope it helps others in much the same position as I was.  🙂

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