Mum, you want to know where I live? Watch this screencast.

Mum, you want to know where I live?  Watch this screencast.

(Thanks to Google Maps)

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  1. mac says:

    Thats great 😉

    What tool did you use to create cast? I want to leed my mum in the wrong direction 😉


  2. Alex Barnett says:

    Hey mac, don’t forget it is Mother’s Day on Sunday 6 (a cab driver here told me ‘every day is Mother’s Day’).

    Used Camtasia Studio. Also, try Windows Media Encoder.

  3. JP says:


  4. Alex Barnett says:

    JP, i realise there the server is playing up a bit, just try agsain or later. Sorry.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Just a few days ago, after watching a few screencasts from John Udell and Alex Barnett (if you’re not sure what I’m talking about, search “map screencast john udell” or “map screencast alex barnett” into Google and follow those links, do watch them). In John’s screencast, John uses Google Maps to take the viewer around his town, and in Alex’s, Alex uses Google Maps to tell his mum where he lives. I have to admit, both screencasts have been an inspiration, but my idea is somewhat along the same-same-but-different lines of it….

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