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"...noticed that jeremy and others had posted about the launch of Yahoo Search Developer Network (YSDN). note the striking resemblance in name to MSDN - i'm sure that isn't a coincidence. yahoo is really taking the lead here by not just providing web apis (which google has had for a while now), but in really creating a developer community. a good chunk of YSDN is focused on getting the word out about user developed apps, connecting people together through mailing lists and having people share expertise through a community wiki.

it seems that yahoo is clearly imitating microsoft in creating an ecosystem for developers; aside from fueling the creation of new and innovative user experiences, the emergence of a developer community enhances platform stickiness."

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  1. Yeay! I’ll write more about this later, but it’s really late in NYC, I’m stuck on bluetooth/verizon since the Hilton’s network sucks, and I’m getting tired. So for now, read this stuff: Yahoo! Search Developer Network Announcing the Yahoo! Search Developer Network and Search Web Services (Yahoo! Search blog) Welcome to YSDN (YSDN blog) Yahoo! Web Services (Rael Dornfest) Yahoo! Web Services a quick tour on O’Reilly Network by Paul Bausch Good Move, Yahoo: APIs for Search (John Battelle) Yahoo…

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