I think I’m having one of those dreams…

I think I'm having one of those dreams... first I'm dreaming that Slashdot published interview with Microsoft, then, and this is a cracker, Bill Gates announced Internet Explorer 7.

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  1. JJ says:

    Well since I now have 1/2 terra byte of storage, I probably have room for another 70 security updates.

  2. Alex Barnett says:

    JJ, that’s just a terrable joke

  3. zzz says:

    IE7 announcement, hardly a surprise – if one has been appropriate blogs, the issue here is that IE7 for SP2, anti-spyware integration etc – I think it would have been much better to announce all this year ago when many people who paid any attention to the consumer side had already seen long coming. Now MS is late again in the game, which just brings the question of how’s that possible that again and again we see MS react to obvious developments year(s) late? Continously announcing "new" features for XP is good of course, but as the amount of Longhorn dedicated features are on the slide, it’s just more and more essential that whatever LH brings on the OS side, it will also simultaneosly bring all the LH goodies to the table with LH specific applications that make good use of the new features, something that compels one to upgrade to LH, not just because of the better looks, but because of things that LH enables and are not feasible on XP. That’s the hard thing and I hope MS succeeds there.

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