Prince Charles to marry Camilla

Completely off topic here, but Prince Charles is to marry Camilla Parker Bowles in April according to BBC News.

Nothing to link to yet, but will update.

Update III

Confrimed now that Camilla won't be queen, but will be titled HRH Duchess of Cornwall.  That should keep the Diana loyalists happy.

Also, April 8, not April 6 has been set for the wedding.

Update II Blogs now taking a view:

Technorati is getting flooded with posts on the news.


"In countries besides UK nobody give a sh… but UK has Queen and royalty so it is big news.

The first person to the throne (he will be king if Queen dies) - Prince Charles, previously married to Princess Diana, will marry Camila - his long-time lover. In other words: Prince Charles caused big (mental) pain to Prince Diana because over all the years, he was betraying Diana with Camila, and now when Diana is dead (in her video memoirs Diana predicted that she will died killed by henchmen of Prince Charles, but later nobody could prove that Charles was guilty), he will marry Camila!"

The Current Outlook


To be honest I'm not really bothered any more as the Royal Family doesn't really have an impact on anything other than tourism these days."

Update: Media is picking this up and reacting.

BBC News confirms this online.

"Prince Charles is set to marry Camilla Parker-Bowles, Clarence House has announced.

No date has been released at this stage, but reports have suggested 6 April is one possible date.

The Prince of Wales, who is the heir to the throne, was previously married to Princess Diana, who died in a car crash in Paris in 1997.

The couple, who had two sons - princes William and Harry - were divorced when Diana died."

Melboune Herald Sun:

"Last year, a poll indicated more Britons supported Prince Charles marrying Parker Bowles than opposed it.

Some 32 per cent of respondents to the Populus poll said they would support Charles if he remarried, while 29 per cent were opposed.

Another 38 per cent said they didn't care and the rest had no opinion.

The move will end years of speculation on their relationship which has spanned decades."

Times online:

"Alastair Bruce, a royal commentator, said that there were no constitutional impediments for the couple, both divorcees, to marry, although it might provoke some soul-searching in the Church of England.

"As far as the constitution is concerned, it is completely acceptable, perfectly all right," he said.

"The Church of England will obviously have its own internal debate about Prince Charles's appointment as the Church's Supreme Governor in the future if he becomes king."


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  1. Mshairi says:

    I forgot to add: cue countless bloggers (including myself) discussing this issue:) Thanks for the comment!

  2. David Lewis says:

    We are living in Sydney, Australia, and the more I hear about the pathetic royal family the more likely I am to vote for a republic here in Australia. Princess Diana was the only member of the Royal family I ever liked. Now Charles has got rid of her he thinks the coast is clear for him. I hope he never gets to be king

  3. Raymond Guzman says:

    I wonder how Prince William and Harry feel about this marriage? Do they disagree with it? This marriage is unjust! Prince Charles is a Prince of Fools… He cheats on his beloved wife, Princess Diana, while putting her is a constant depression and ruining her life and then has the nerve to marry his mistress. That women doesn’t deserve to have a title at all! If Charles marries Camila he should be stripped of his birth right as Princess Diana was stripped of her title when she divorced him.

  4. Elizabeth says:

    I used to love my name, but now, I feel that it is a sacrifice to listen to it. Queen Elizabeth is the guilty. If Charles married with a divorced "lady", things would be different.

    Diana was the only one who suffered in all this tragedy.

    Charles deserves the worst of this world.And The Mistress is the meanest person I have ever met in my all life.

  5. Jennifer says:

    I really hate it that they’re married now.. I can’t understand why charles would EVER do such a thing..

    Ok.. I’m going to recap quickly about the past. Camilla and Charles loved each other for about 35 years.. But the royal family didn’t accept Camilla from the beginning.. So then Charles married the most amazing woman in the world, Diana..

    Over the years Charles was a real cold husband towards her- always has been.. then Diana kind of found her place (to help suffering children and people in this world etc).. and never ever did Charles or anybody else in the family say: "Good on you", supporting and encouraging her to continue on.. and then things started to fall apart.. charles was having an affair..

    And then Diana suffered a very long time.. and even now in her death she is..

    Both Charles and Camilla just basically ended this fairy tale.. and sorry- but she looks like a witch, and i hope they’ll both have an unhappy marrige.

    Charles is such a fool of hurting Diana. It would have been so much better if he never married Diana.. or divorced her afterwards.. rather then making Diana’s life hell.. Cheating, lying, being so cold towards her.

    Diana went through so much pain- because Charles was in love with another woman.

    and look–> the only reason why I’m sooo angry at this whole thing is because of the way Charles handled his problems.

    Charles does not deserve to marry her.. and neither does Camilla.. this is such a sad day.. I can’t get them out of my mind.

    To Diana:: We love you!!!!!!!


  6. dfsd says:

    i hate the way old big head, has huge pallyness with the corrupt murderer king of saudi arabia, who bin laden supported to 1996, I also hate the way he has adopted in 2004 the tiotloe lord of the isles. He adopted it like some lunatic himself, what a scumbaggy thing to do, ruining a o0ld totle like that, Why can’;t he have some feeling of guilt about that.

  7. Pat Masson says:

    Pat Masson, Fort Smith, Ar. 09/10/05

    I feel Charles, Camilla, Queen Elizabeth, and Prince Phillip are all pathetic excuses for human beings. The monarchy should be dissolved and stripped of their fancy titles. Let Tony Blair or Wills be the President of the United Kingdom. Elizabeth thinks more of her dogs than she does humans. She shows no mercy for anyone. I wonder what God thinks of Elizabeth and the rest of the royals (I meant to use a small "r") for the way they treated Diana. Diana was the shining star in our lives on this earth; to us and to her two beloved sons. She now has a "Royal" title again in Heaven. Elizabeth can not love Diana’s boys or even Charles. I would like to know if the Royals really know how much most of the world dislikes them. We will always LOVE Diana and we will keep her alive in our hearts forever. She was so beautiful and She was so kind I sure hope Princes Wills and Harry carry on with Diana’s charities.

  8. bobobobobo says:

    i hate camila u stoll prince charlles i love diana

  9. Sarah England says:

    Princess Diana´s death was not an accident. She was murdered by Dr. Jack Miller, former master of Churchill college Camnbridge. He was ordered by Sir Richard Vickers, former equerry for Queen Elizabeth to remedy a problem. Dr Jack Miller is also the owner of RB Hawkins Cambridge UK. Sir Richard Vickers and Dr. Jack Miller came into contact through the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust in 1987

  10. I am Peter Horsley and was Royal Equerry to Prince Philip in the 1950´s. During this time I experienced very strange incidents at Buckingham Palace.

    I would like you to come together and help me gather the factual evidence needed to help Mr. Alfayed and the Met Police force. The following information needs your support and help in finding people who can verify these claims:

    1) Dr. Jack Miller, former master of Churchill college, Cambs, UK has information about the death of Princess Diana.

    2) He allegedly works for the Security Services and owns an accident investigations company called RB Hawkins Cambridge.

    3) In September 1997 he told colleagues at Churchill college he was suffering from Pagets Disease.

    4) Dr. Miller was a council member of the Winston Churchill memorial trust at the same time of Sir Richard Vickers.

    5) General Sir Richard Vickers was also equerry to Queen Elizabeth in 1956, shortly after me. I totally distrust this man but he has very powerful friends in the British Military.

    6) I also believe that Sir Richard Vickers is also in charge of the Queens Private army that was formed by Lord Louis Mountbattern.

    7) The private army is funded by funds from the Winston Churchill memorial trust and was involved in monitoring Diana before her death. (note: the link to Nicholas Soames who I also distust)

    8) General Sir Richard Vickers was the former Director of Sandhurst Military college where both Harry and William are studying.

    I really need your help and you are welcome to tell your friends and anyone in the media. We need to do everything possible to help the police and bring people to justice.


  11. Completely off topic here, but Prince Charles is to marry Camilla Parker Bowles in April according to BBC News. Nothing to link to yet, but will update. Update III Confrimed now that Camilla won’t be queen, but will be titled HRH Duchess of Cornwall.

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