Moving to Redmond

On Monday I start my new role at Microsoft, this means I'll be relocating from London to Seattle, taking my family with me at the end of Feb.

As you might imagine, I'm really excited: New role, new city, new country!

I've been to Seattle a few times before, but haven't really had the time to look around.  You know the score: hotels rooms, restaurants and bars, taxis and meeting rooms. Lots of meeting rooms.  I've been to the market a couple of times (I love it), the art gallery, a spot of downtown shopping, but that's all I've really seen.  On Monday I'm off to Seattle for a week and can hopefully make some time to look around...thinking: places to live.  (I've been following Chris Porillo's posts on his experience of moving to Seattle,  and he seems to be enjoying it.)

About my new role

I've been at Microsoft since October 2002, based in Reading, UK. The new role is within the MSDN and TechNet Product Group (MTPG), as International Program Manager for the two sites, MSDN and TechNet.

The team I'm joining, those I've met so far at least, are really great (and people.  These include Kevin Ledley (my new manager), Rick Holzli (my boss' boss), Sean Kollenkark, Laura John, John Oberon (John, where is your blog ;-), Shawn Morrissey, Tommy Williams, Victor Wong (on the phone at least), Tina Dow, and Jen Wise .

The team has a huge year ahead and am really looking forward to the opportunity to contribute.  Very cool plans ahead...

I've been taken on to work with subsidiaries (their respective TechNet and MSDN local sites) and the Corp MTPG team to improve our global online presence for the Developer and IT Pro audiences.  As an example, we need to do a better job of integrating the great local content and services produced by the subs into the .com sites.  Today, we're just not doing this as well as we could (or hardly at all), and there is plenty of room for improvement of the online experience for those audiences outside of the US.  Hopefully I'll be able to articulate more detail on this soon.

Anyhow, all very exciting.  Let me know if you've got any tips for where to live, visit, eat, drink, explore, check out around the Seattle area.

Comments (18)

  1. Welcome to Seattle Alex. You’re a welcome addition to a growing community of people giving of themselves via blogs who just happen to live in Seattle.

    When you are ready for a 35 minute ferry ride from downtown over to Bainbridge Island for a pint at our public house, drop me an email. As a regular reader of yours, I’d welcome the opportunity of meeting you. I moved ahead of my family 5 years ago and working day and night and then going back to motel room gets old. So please do not hesitate looking me up.

    – Kevin

  2. Alex Barnett says:

    Thanks Kevin, very kind. Will be in touch.


  3. I can’t wait to meet you. Drop a line when you’re in town.

  4. Alex Barnett says:

    Thanks Robert, likewise. will do!

  5. Marenco says:

    Hey Alex – All the best! I’ll look you up when I’m over in March for my MSN conference. 😉

  6. Tim Jarrett says:

    Congrats, Alex. I wish I were still in Redmond to welcome you. Have a great time at the Mothership!

    For tips on Seattle dining, you could probably do worse than the Seattle section of my blog, where I captured a fair amount of my recommendations (along with a fair amount of other noise):

  7. Rijk says:

    Maybe you can also make sure MSDN is better accessible for alternative browsers… Opera users have to set their browser ID to ‘Mozilla’ to trigger the right response from the browser detection.

    It should be trivial to always send Opera the same code as you send Mozilla/Firefox, regardless of the browser ID setting (either check for the ‘window.opera()’ object or for ‘Opera’ in the user agent string).

  8. Hi Alex, very best of luck on the move. I’ll be blog-following your adventures with interest.

  9. Russ C. says:

    Congratulations Alex !

    Do you think you might find some time from your understandably busy schedule to blog about the process of getting a job in america ?

  10. Tabs Farooq KL says:

    Well done mate. Wish you and the family all the best and I am sure you will settle in well and do well in your new posting.

    Lots of Love

    Tabs & Tor

  11. Jason says:

    Congratulations Alex. Sounds like a great role and opportunity to experience a new life in Seattle. Hope Kate and William seattle in!

    If you need any help you know the doctors in town!

    Take care, Jason

  12. Alex Barnett says:

    Thanks all for the good wishes, much appreciated.

    Rijk: your point re: opera. Good point, I’ll forward.

  13. Many congratulations on your new assignment! And hope you settle down in Seattle with no problems; though i’m sure you’ll be missing the City – it’s kinda inevitable:-)

    Anyhow, best of luck there.


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