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Reuters just published a 'news' item,, more of an analysis than a news item...'Is Microsoft's Office Becoming More Like Windows?'

"...the company's broader strategy is to make Office must-have software by opening up its technologies and fostering a community of developers to build programs based on it.

This "platform strategy" proved the making of Windows by spawning new ideas for features and services.

"Raikes wanted to get Office into that mode as well," said Rob Helm, research director at Directions on Microsoft, a Kirkland company that tracks the software maker.

To that end, Microsoft will hold its first-ever developers conference for Office in early February at its Redmond headquarters. It estimates attendance at about 600.

..."When you have 400 million people using Microsoft Office every day, it provides a lot of incentive for developers to use that capability," Raikes said."  More...

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  1. the snag is that Office is not very .NET friendly yet … PIAs are no fun at all

    e.g. Access is not programmable through .NET

  2. fdfdfdsfds says:

    You can access it via COM which .NET can handle, right? Same for Visual Studio, and other apps with COM interfaces for extensions.

  3. Cowardly Anonymous says:

    I hope they are putting some thought into it.

    For anyone who has written a decent application integrating it with office, knows how horrible it is as a programming platform. Documented interfaces in Office don’t function as described, this compounded with inconsistent programming models (Exchange ClientExt, CDO, MAPI in Outlook) and lack of debug symbols makes it a disgusting experience.

    How much ever slideware they create, but to match that with reality and make it close to .Net or Windows API is not a trivial task.

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