The top 1,000 things to know

Seth Godin has posted...

"What are the one thousand teachable things that every third grader ought to start learning so she'll know them all before before she graduates from high school?"

He has kicked off with 20, that includes:

7. Evolution...14. Not arithmetic, but algebra...16. The most important lessons from ten other world cultures and their history...18. How to sell.

A reasonable selection...So, to add my 2 pennies, I think a 13 year old needs to know the following additional 20 things (of 1,000):

  1. How bowl a chinaman (or a googly if very naturally talented)
  2. How Defend Chinaman
  3. How to start a riot
  4. What Vinyl was
  5. How to clock Scramble
  6. Why Ruy Lopez is a dangerous customer
  7. Why a satisfied customer is a dangerous thing
  8. Why Winston Churchill was a good bloke
  9. Not to cheat in exams
  10. How not to get caught cheating in exams
  11. How the Transporter works in Star Trek
  12. Why the statement 'Before I begin speaking, there is something I would like to say' is nonsense
  13. What Paraskevidekatriaphobia is
  14. What the most similar word to 'Synonym' is
  15. Why didn't buy the domain
  16. That the Fibonacci sequence starts with 1,1
  17. That Dr Strangelove nor Blade Runner won an Oscar
  18. That Titanic did
  19. Copernicus' discovery
  20. The diameter of the first Death Star is 120 kilometres or 75 miles

If you know these things my son, you'll do just fine...

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