British BlogCasting – the new BBC?

Via John Howard (IT Pro Evangelist, Microsoft UK):

"...a blogcast is a mini webcast (certainly under 10 minutes) delivered through a blog, concentrating on a very specific topic. No frills added. By building a series of these, we hope to be able to take you through a "journey"." More...


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  1. its called podcasting – why not join the conversation rather than starting another one?

  2. Alex Barnett says:


    Thanks for the added value comment.

    1. Podcasting generally tends to refer to audio

    2. I don’t have an iPod

    3. The term ‘webcasting’ has been around for ages, so if you said: "its called webcasting" I think you’d be more accurate

    4. Scanning your blog, it seems you have a fairly anti-Microsoft stance on practically everything, which is fine but it means you’d probably never agree with me, about anything


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