Microsoft’s Kim Cameron outlines Infocard, new federated identity initiative

Via ZDNet 'Between the lines':

"Kim Cameron, Microsoft’s architect for digital identity (including Active Directory) and one of the key pioneers of metadirectories, talks with Scott Mace about lessons learned from Passport and Microsoft’s new Infocard initiative, a identity creation and management experience that allows users to maintain control over how their personal information is used online. [At IT Conversations] "

Scott Mace, the interviewer reflects on the interview that got the 'scoop' on Infocard:

"It's a much more open world at Microsoft these days, thanks to chief blogger Robert Scoble and his various bosses. I can only guess that Kim talked to me because I expressed sufficient interest in what he's doing, not because Microsoft decided this was the moment to try to pre-announce anything or dominate the conversation around identity."

Update:...Scott reckons he a got a 'scoop' on Infocard, but it seems Marcus Lasance attended a presentation in Paris in March given by Kim Cameron that provides bit of detail on the Info Card idea...


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  1. Scott Mace says:

    Alex, I never said I had a ‘scoop’ on InfoCard. Kim Cameron said that.

    Scott Mace

  2. Alex Barnett says:

    Hi Scot, I read it as you acknowledged the scoop, apologies. No offence meant, just wanted to point out that Infocard was ‘out there’.


  3. Anonymous says:

    I can’t overstate how important (and interesting, and fun) it is to have Kim Cameron weigh in, repeatedly, on the subject of Identity…

  4. Anonymous says:

    Doc Searls is grooving ever more deeply on identity, carrying the torch and getting people to start thinking about a technology that is “just in its infancy”. …

  5. Ausi says:

    DO you know where I could find infocard specifications ? thx

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