Geo-targeting, and the customer experience

I’m finding it really hard to find any decent online resources, research and best practices around how websites deal with international audiences, i.e. the ability to serve the user the right content in terms of geography and language… Is there any research you know of regarding this? In your opinion, who does this really well? Amazon? MSN? Ebay? Google? What makes it…


Good idea – SMS message per bank card transaction

Via Adverblog: “Spanish bank Bankinter has launched an sms based service to inform people each time their bank card is used. As MarketingDirecto (in Spanish) explains this service has the objective to let people know on time if their card has been stolen or misused.”


Microsoft’s Kim Cameron outlines Infocard, new federated identity initiative

Via ZDNet ‘Between the lines’: “Kim Cameron, Microsoft’s architect for digital identity (including Active Directory) and one of the key pioneers of metadirectories, talks with Scott Mace about lessons learned from Passport and Microsoft’s new Infocard initiative, a identity creation and management experience that allows users to maintain control over how their personal information is…