PR professionals: Wake up to the blogosphere!

Steve Rubel has pointed to a 4 part “State of the Blogoshpere” report by David Sifry of Technorati. Sifry graphically illustrates the spikes in posts and their relation to news events and highlights how a piece of news generated by bloggers often pre-empts the breaking of the story by the commercial news networks. “The blogosphere…


Forrester Research RSS feed

Charlene Li reveals Forrester has an RSS feed… “it’s at although we’re not yet actually publicizing it yet on our site. “


How Microsoft is ‘handling’ the open source threat

Martin Taylor, global general manager of platform strategy at Microsoft, talks to about how the company is handling the open source threat: “I’ve hired quite a few people from the Linux open source world to run a research and development centre…we bring consultants from the Linux open source space to help us build solutions….


Firefox full-page ad to appear in New York Times

Via Steve Rubel: “Mozilla today launched a community effort to secure enough funds to take out a full-page advertisement in The New York Times. The full-page ad will include the names of everyone who supports the campaign along with a message about the benefits/features of the awesome Firefox browser. An individual contribution of $30 will…


Negroponte on the Future of Money…P2P2P

Information Week is running a 25 Years feature, that includes an article by Bill Gates ‘The Enduring Magic Of Software’ and a typically whacky piece (via Techdirt) by Nicholas Negroponte ‘Peer-To-Peer Payoff’: “Without question, the generation of kids born a quarter of a century hence will have totally different views about some of the most…


RSS advertising – it is about choice

Wired investigates how RSS is developing as an advertising medium in ‘RSS Feeds Hunger for More Ads’. ‘Purists’ freak at the notion of incorporating ads into RSS.  David Winer doesn’t go quite this far in the Wired article, but cautions: “…let’s be kind to RSS; don’t try to exploit it,” he said, adding that readers…


Lookout, Google launches desktop search

It had to happen, just a matter of when… The Register: Google launches desktop search for Windows PCs Boston Globe: Google search program gets jump on Microsoft There is an online help file…install is problematic: for me at least: ‘not compatible’ error –  I’m getting this issue, so I’ve yet to know how well it…


Q: What is the meaning of life?

“Q: What is the meaning of life? A: The Meaning of Life is the title of a 1983 Monty Python film. Alternatively, according to Douglas Adams in the HH’s Guide to the Galaxy, it is 42.” This is the answer given by 82ask, a mobile text knowledge service.  You can text your question (a £1 a…


Audi sponsors car blog

Via Signal vs Noise: “Gawker Media launches three new blogs today: Jalopnik, a car site; Kotaku, for video games; and Screenhead. The sponshorship model of Jalopnik is interesting too. Instead of selling a variety of ads, the site is starting out with Audi as its “exclusive launch sponsor.” Publisher Nick Denton says, “Rather than clutter…


More CEO blogging

Via Steve Rubel, “Richard Edelman, CEO of Edelman, has started a weekly blog. has the full story.” Also, “[Business 2.0], The venerable biz pub looks at CEO blogging, blog marketing and blog monitoring, writing: But in time, and as this latest Web phenomenon becomes more established, blogs will likely become just another standard marketing…