Jeremy Allaire, distracted: Internet Video

Macromedia's Jeremy Allaire has been distracted by TV, very distracted in fact.  His last blog posting was in April ' TV' until this week (5 months later) where he posts about the very same: 'The Internet of Video'.
April 20 2004 TV

I've been quite distracted over the past couple of months with interesting things happening in the broadband video world.  The "video industry" on the Internet is starting to emerge with great force and I'm excited to be focused on this area.  I will try and be regular in posting and sharing thoughts again.

Guest posting on ... some thoughts on emerging opportunities in video on the Internet.

He's onto the meantime, Mobile TV, as PC Pro reports is being trialed in the UK this year:

Cable TV network NTL and mobile phone network operator mmO2 are to trial a television service delivered to mobile phones.

Next spring, 500 O2 customers around Oxford will be given multimedia phones capable of receiving 16 TV channels.

The channels will show music, sport, news, comedy, soaps, documentary, drama, cartoons and specialist content, including interactive gaming and shopping and the companies will analyse how the channels are used and what type of content the triallists value enough to pay for.

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