RSS: The GPRS KillerApp

(Via New Mobile Computing)

"With a little bit of marketing RSS on the cellphone could be the next KillerApp"

If you have a Smartphone you can get mobile RSS today.

Comments (3)

  1. Steve says:

    Not sure I aggree when you’re paying per byte on grps.

  2. bonder says:

    On t-mobile I get AYCE for $19.95 per month. I’m sure most carriers offer something similar.

    I have used FurryGoat’s PocketFeed on my Siemens T-Mobile Pocket PC Phone and AtomicDB’s PocketRSS on my new iPaq 6315. They are both very good products and I use them all the time.

    The iPAQ will even switch me off GPRS and onto WLAN for me, so my browsing speeds will go through the roof!

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