Blogspats – the fog of blogwars

Nick Bradbury points to a posting by Douglas Rushkoff 'the real threat of blogs'.  I then saw a previous posting 'Bloggers Ad Nauseum' where the subject of whether or not it is 'right' to accept ads on a blog is discussed somewhat passionately...

When 2 Blogs Go to War

The funny thing (yet slightly sad) is how Rushkoff's posting has started a first-class blogspat between Rushkoff and Jeff Jarvis of Buzzmachine, the moderator at a panel discussion that Rushkoff took part in a few days before the posting. 

The comments on Rushkoff's original posting start off with a few passionate views on the subject at hand, and then quickly escalates into a personal blogwar, inducing Jarvis to post a sharp response on his own blog, ripping into Rushkoff, escalating the the spat further.

Classically, the supporters and disapprovers from both sides are piling in (like the bloodthirsty audience at the Colosseum) and the original point seems to have been lost completely in the fog of blogwar. What a laugh!

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  1. John Dowdell says:

    ? I read Jeff’s post over the weekend, before I saw Nick’s mislinked pointer, but didn’t get the same takeaway… Jeff repeated that you can either take ads or not on your blog, and that it’s sort of odd to look for universal blogad truths that others must obey. What did you see there…?


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