Winnable Solitaire – the great indie software start-up experiment

Erik Sink has started an experimental project to understand the world of micro-ISVs, or 'indie software developers (software companies that are comprised of only one person)

He's outlined the project in an MSDN article "Exploring Micro-ISVs" and is providing running commentary on his blog: 'Winnable Solitaire Journal'.

"Call me crazy, but I have decided to enter the market for desktop solitaire games. I like to play the solitaire game that ships with Windows, but I wish it would tell me whether or not each deal is winnable. In fact, I don't think I've ever seen a solitaire game that has this feature. I want to play traditional solitaire, but I want the luck removed from the equation.

I am primarily doing this product as an experiment, but the product is still very real. I'm selling it to real people and I'm charging real money for it. You can check out my product Web site.

Like I said, this is an experiment. I want to gather some data. I'm trying to learn about the kind of software products that can happen in a micro-ISV.

Not only is this an experiment, it is an open one. I plan to disclose all of my findings. In future postings on my weblog, I will share my sales figures, my costs, and my stories."

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