Gates explains Longhorn changes

ZDNet interview with Bill Gates on Longhorn.

Robert Scoble has posted a load of related blogosphere links on the Longhorn news.

Also, see Chris Sells' What WinFX on Down-Level Windows Means for Developers - article describes how bringing WinFX to Windows XP and Windows 2003 affects developers and how they should apply themselves to WinFX using the resources provided by the Longhorn Developer Center.

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  1. denny says:

    funny how the press tends to warp stuff…

    on e-Week and some other stuff I read on-line:

    first is was:

    LH will be too much for MS to do


    LH is delayed till xxxx why so long, bet they will cut it back or delay it more


    LH is now Short…. why did they cut parts …

    it’s a mess, not good etc….

    so they make calls based on pre-alpha and alpha code as if it was almost RTM and complain all the way down the road of Alpha and Beta updates …..

    and the press also complains about microsoft not beeing "Open" with the plans…..

    Dilbert is *REAL* the press makes it so…

    tooo funny…. I hope some folks at MS see that and don’t get to upset and the pointy haired press bots!

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