Testing, Testing, 1,2,3

You dev?  You test?  You PM?  You are 'client'?  Then you need to check out The Braidy Tester (Making developers cry since 1995)...here are some of my favourite posts from his blog:

  • New kid on the blogk "I am a Test Technical Lead, which means I set the technical direction of my team:  how do we automate our testing, what our test automation infrastructure looks like, and how do we plan, prioritize, schedule, and build that infrastructure..."
  • Show Me "Show me that testing is an integral part of your product development process, not just tacked onto the end.  Show me that you test your specs.  Show me that your developers unit test their code.  Show me that breaking tests is as bad an offense as breaking the build.  Show me that your developers and PMs and everybody else wants to learn how to test better."
  • When you don't have a spec, everything is a bug "When you don't have a spec, or when your spec is incomplete and/or out of date, you have several options: -Camp out in your program manager's office until they write it. If you have a laptop and so can get some work done while you're there, so much the better...."
  • The Tester Song "Oh for crying out loud. I never wanted to be a dev anyway. What I *really* want is to be a...tester!..."
  • Preemptive Testing "Slightly more enlightened teams let the testers see the specs once they are complete. Test is still behind the curve, but at least they can start writing their test plans during that early period when they don't yet have anything to test."

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